Chef Daniel Cortez may call West Oak Nosh in Lodi home, and he continues to pump out colorful and delicious food for the community to “nosh” on.

However, that’s not all Chef Cortez has going on.  He came up with Rusticus to help showcase the wines and produce that have made Lodi such an up-and-coming place to eat and drink!

Rusticus isn’t a restaurant thought, but a pop up event that features adventurous foods for adventurous eaters.  Chef Cortez comes from a very conceptual place when he creates the food.

The goal is to spotlight chefs across Lodi to help strengthen the food scene in the small NorCal town. I think Chef Cortez is doing that all the time at West Oak Nosh, but have really enjoyed his pop-up events and would highly suggest them.

Follow Chef Cortez on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for future Rusticus events!

Rachel @EdibleHours

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