Stockton was our first introduction to California, for six years we lived in Stockton and discovered some amazing restaurants and met so many friends. Stockton is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be (we loved living there), but the smaller city had us craving more. Over the past few years we started coming out to Sacramento more and more to explore breweries, bars, restaurants and events. We couldn’t get enough!

This past year we really started looking into moving to Sacramento and the stars aligned when my husband and I both landed jobs out here AND we found our dream apartment. We moved in June 1st and it’s been amazing so far.

To any of my readers in the city, I’m counting on you to continue letting me know your favorite spots while I build on my local knowledge and become an expert at everything delicious here in Sac. There is already so much on my list to see and do and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you.

For now, let me know what your favorite places are in the city and if you see me at an event make sure to say “hello”. We’re always looking for new drinking buddies.

Rachel @EdibleHours

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