Fall is creeping in little by little here in Sacramento. While we’re still seeing days in the 90’s, cooler mornings and evenings are becoming more frequent and we’re starting to see some of that fall rain in the forecast. This will be my first fall in Sacramento and I’m already starting to make notes about some great ways to get cozy and warm up.


While it’s not necessarily food, coffee is a big part of my fall routine. I love getting a hot cup of coffee and settling into a cozy corner of the coffee shop with a friend to catch up or get some work done. One of our favorite places is the Temple Coffee on K. Street. The penny floor is gorgeous and there are plenty of spaces to grab a seat both inside and outside.

If you’re feeling hungry they have some great pastries. Pairing a nice cappuccino with a flaky croissant is always a treat and the perfect way to start the day. If you want something more substantial this location is walking distance to so many great restaurants.

Grilled Cheese

Fall calls for comfort foods and I can’t think of anything I’d rather have on a cool day than a creamy, melty grilled cheese sandwich paired with a cup of soup for dipping. The Rind provides an elevated experience for cheese fans. Not only can you order an amazing cheeseboard, but you can indulge in these grown up grilled cheeses while sipping on a great glass of wine with friends.

The Twisted Classic, pictured above, is already a huge upgrade from American cheese, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can order one of their more complicated options that add veggies, meat and condiments to wow your taste buds.

Vegetarian and vegan foodies rave about the Chipotle Veggie sandwich and if you’re having trouble deciding the staff is really great at helping answer any questions you have. Don’t forget the Roasted Tomato soup, it is a must and absolutely perfect for dipping your sandwich or as a meal on it’s own.

Pretzels and Cheese

Picture this, you’re sitting outside in the cool crisp air sipping a cold beer when a piping hot, freshly cooked pretzel is set in front of you. As you break into it, steam rises and the smell hits you hard. You manage to dip it into some creamy Obatzda cheese before popping the still hot piece into your mouth. I know, I’m drooling too.

Midtown Beer Garden, or Der Biergarten, is the perfect spot to embrace whatever the weather has in store. While this outdoor restaurant is closed when it’s raining, it is the perfect spot to meet up with friends, play corn hole and enjoy a nice beer. The crisp air in fall and winter pairs so well with beer and German dishes. The food is delicious and comes out nice and hot, but that pretzel is an absolute must. Carbs and Fall are a match made in heaven.


It’s no secret that I’m smitten with Federalist Public House, when pizza is this good it’s worth talking about. These pies come out so hot that even after I snap all my photos the cheese is still gooey and creates that perfect cheese pull as you grab the first slice.

Classic pepperoni is always a crowd pleaser but you’ll find some other creative options like their Cuban Sandwich inspired pizza, BBQ pizza and more. If you’re looking to really indulge, the Truffle Shuffle hits all the marks for comfort food with sweet cream butter, mozzarella, fontina, cremini mushrooms, prosciutto, truffle salt and parsley.

Dim Sum

I’m always looking for new Dim Sum places to try out, especially in fall and winter. When you’re hungry and looking to warm up, having carts come to you with steaming hot food as soon as you sit down is always a plus. Yue Huang Dim Sum has incredible service and so many choices.
Make sure to grab rice rolls, my favorite is pork, and no dim sum visit is complete without an order of potstickers.

Dim Sum is amazing with a group of friends, it allows you to order a bunch of different dishes and share. With most of the food served piping hot it’s a great way to get out of the cold and fill your belly. Make sure you don’t have anything planned afterward, you’re almost guaranteed to be in a food coma after indulging in dim sum like this.


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