Don’t Miss Sippin’ on Santa in Sacramento

Midtown Sacramento is underrated.

Like really…really underrated.

Put it on the record that I think that Midtown is the best neighborhood in the entire country.  There is always so much going on, and the vibe (for the most part) is relaxed and chill.

The Jungle Bird on J Street is quick becoming a go-to spot for drinks, and you don’t want to miss their special concoctions for the Sippin’ Santa event!

In fact, you don’t want to miss seeing what a tiki bar looks like when it’s decorated in both tiki, and Christmas.  Truly a really cool transformation.

So nestle yourself up to the bar (that’s the best spot in the place) and chat with the bartenders and make friends.  We’ve met some great characters at that bar including a great group of guys from Latchkey Brewing Company in San Diego (here for a beer fest) and even the Hurdy Gurdy Man himself…complete with hurdy gurdy!

For a real adventure, go bartender’s choice. I’ve discovered so much by just being open minded about what I’m drinking. Picky eater syndrome be damned. I’m much more adventurous if what I’m putting in my mouth could result in a fun night!

But the true beauty of this place is in the booze.  Join the rum club (it’s free) and drink your way through the list to get your picture on the wall. They have a couple pages of specialty drinks too that range from the overly sweet, to the overly boozie, so there truly is something for every palate.

But be sure to hit the Jungle Bird up before New Year’s to try their special holiday drinks and I’ll direct you to the one you CAN’T MISS!

The Hawaiian Milk Punch is amazing! It’s a bourbon based drink that is masked by the taste of chai tea that makes you think you’re at Starbucks, sipping a venti chai tea, but getting a little something extra for your money!

Now I’ve also made this drink at home, so I’ll give you the recipe to try it at home too, but definitely try it at the Jungle Bird!

Photo by The Jungle Bird

Recipe to try at home:

  • 2 oz. Bourbon (don’t use good stuff, cheap stuff is fine)
  • 2 oz. Chai Syrup (I bought Torani brand but any brand will do)
  • 2 oz. Sarsaparilla
  • 2 oz. Cream
  • Shake over ice, pour in glass with ice and garnish with ground nutmeg on top

Husband to Rachel. Picky Eater. Adventurous Drinker. Give me Skyline Chili or give me death!

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